Information For Landlords

If you are a landlord looking for a dedicated letting agency to manage your rental property, give Heale Property Management a call. We focus on offering a highly personal, first class service to all of our clients with flexible packages to meet your needs. Not only can we help you to find a tenant, but we can also offer management packages that offer a range of services including property inspections and maintenance.

Our dedicated lettings team, with their local market knowledge and expertise, are here to take away the hassles associated with letting a property.

Call us today! We have tenants already waiting for suitable properties and we also put your property online with the UK's largest property portals.

Our Packages


Letting your property can be an easy and simple procedure, when you have the right managing agent taking care of everything on your behalf. Listed below are some of the services you will receive from Heale Property Management Ltd.
Our packages explained:Let OnlyManaged
A free, no obligation rental valuation
Advertisement of the property on all major property portals
Inc. Rightmove, Zoopla & other suitable forms of advertisement.
All viewings accompanied
Tenancy negotiations, between all parties
Full Credit Checks for all applicants (including Guarantors, if required)
As well as obtaining necessary references.Right to Rent Checks, for all applicants
Arrange Tenancy Set Up
All required certificates (Gas Safety, Electrical, Energy Performance Certificates & Legionella Risk Assessments) will be assessed on your behalf, and instructed if you are not in possession of them, at your request.
A thorough property inventory*, including photographs, will be carried out at the property before the tenants take up occupancy. This enables all parties to establish exactly the condition of the property on occupation & this will be used again at the end of the tenancy to establish changes.
Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements & all other necessary documentation to support the tenancy will be drawn up, and signed by all parties prior to occupation.
A minimum of the first month's rent (or an agreed figure) will be collected, in cleared funds prior to the tenancy start date as well as the agreed deposit sum.
A check in at the property will be performed by Heale Property Management with the tenants, at which time meter readings will be taken and the Inventory & check in report will be signed by the tenants.
The deposit will be registered and submitted to ‘Deposit Protection Service’ (DPS) within the required time frame and the required Prescribed Information Relating to Tenancy Deposit document will be issued to the tenants.
For 'Let Only' services, the Landlords must register with a suitable deposit protection scheme and service the agents their individual ID details. The deposit will be registered and then transferred to the Landlords own chosen scheme account.
Utility suppliers (Gas, Electric, Water, Sewerage & Council Tax) will be contacted by phone, email or letter to inform them of the change in occupancy along with the meter readings, enabling them to contact the new occupants to set up accounts.
Rent Guarantee Insurances can be offered to landlords (if required).
Further policy information & costs can be given on request.
Rent Collection & Arrears Assistance
Property inspections at regular intervals
All tenant contact is made directly to us; ensuring your tenancy is hassle free. In regards to repairs or maintenance problems that arise, we will contact you and act on your instructions, liaising with workmen/contractors & tenants to rectify the situation.
At the end of each fixed term period of the tenancy, we can re-issue new tenancy agreements on your behalf at your request for peace of mind. *
Continue to keep your certificates renewed or liaise with you to have them renewed.
We will continue to keep the deposit registered with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) on your behalf FREE of charge throughout the term of the tenancy.
If you wish to terminate the tenancy, we will assist with issuing the necessary notices & documentation being served on the tenants.
We will liaise with all parties to assist with any legal proceedings that may ever occur.
Any claims that arise through your Rent Guarantee Insurance (if applicable) will be dealt with by us, we will supply all necessary documentation to the insurance company and work alongside them on your behalf throughout the proceedings. We will also appear on your behalf, alongside legal representation at court hearings.
At the time a tenancy comes to an end we will carry out a check-out procedure at the property and using the Inventory from the beginning of the tenancy report the final condition found. At this time final meter readings will be taken.
Utility suppliers will be informed to close the accounts & revert them back into the landlord’s details.
We will liaise and process the safe return of the deposit to your departing tenants via the Deposit Protection Service (DPS).
We will carry out any negotiations of deductions that may arise in regards to the deposit and if left unresolved we will liaise and supply any relevant documentation/evidence on your behalf to the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) throughout the dispute resolution service.
* Charges may Apply


Arrangement/Setup Fee£350.00
Management FeeApprox. 7% of the monthly rent (+VAT), dependant on the achieved monthly rent (TBC on instruction)
Inventory Charge£0
Rent Review£0
Notice/Section Fee£0
Renewal Fee£100.00
For Landlords with multiple properties, we will look to introduce rate REDUCTIONS.


Arrangement/Setup Fee£450.00
Inventory Charge£100.00 approx
Rent Review£100.00
Renewal Fee£100.00
Notice/Section Fee£100.00
All supporting Documents£TBC
All services can be tailor made to suit your requirements.
If you have any queries or wish to discuss these packages further, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Heale Property Management who will be more than happy to assist.


Energy Performance Certificate (from £65.00)

An Energy Performance Certificate is required for properties when constructed, sold or let. The Energy Performance Certificate provides details on the energy performance of the property and what you can do to improve it and by law must meet a minimum 'E' rating.

Landlords will need to give tenants an Energy Performance Certificate before completion/start of the tenancy.

A new Energy Performance Certificate is required every 10 years.

Gas Safety Certificate (from £60.00)

If there are any gas appliances at the property you will need to comply with the Gas Regulations. The appliances will have to be checked by an engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register, who will give you a certificate. The check must be done before the tenants go in and annually thereafter, and the tenants must be given a copy of the certificate. Further information can be obtained from your local Health & Safety Executive.

Electric Full Condition Report (from £180.00)

New Regulations require landlords to have the electrical installations in their properties inspected and tested by a person who is qualified and competent, at an interval of at least every 5 years. Landlords have to provide a copy of the electrical safety report to their tenants, and to their local authority if requested.

This means that all landlords now have to make sure the electrical installations in their rented properties are safe.

The Regulations came into force on 1 June 2020 and form part of the Department’s wider work to improve safety in all residential premises and particularly in the private rented sector.

It is a legal requirement that you install a sufficient amount of working smoke detectors, with a minimum of one detector on each floor and carbon monoxide detectors in any high-risk rooms (Where all gas appliances are located)
It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure the property has adequate buildings insurances in place. We highly recommend landlords include some contents insurance and malicious damage covers.

Protecting Rental Income


Even the most carefully vetted tenants can still have problems. Circumstances change. They could suddenly lose a job, or have a problem that stops them earning. If they don’t have reserves of cash to call on, it’s highly likely that your rent payment may not arrive. Perhaps you can stand it for a week or two, but what if it drags on? What if they keep making promises, but the situation fails to improve? It’s your income that’s affected.

If you’ve got a mortgage on the property you still have to pay that, and your bills. You still have to keep the wolf from your own front door.

Rent protection insurance can really help. It’s comforting to know that even though there are some things you can’t control, they don’t have to ruin your finances.

Disclaimer – Policies are subject to change from time to time. Details of the current policy terms will be discussed on application.

What is insured?
Legal costs and expenses up to £50,000 per insured incident (excluding Rent Protection which has an inner limit as specified below).
Rent arrears, up to a maximum amount of £3,000 per calendar month.
Alternative accommodation costs up to £5,250.
Storage costs up to £450.
your legal rights to obtain possession of your property from the tenant.
Rent Protection
Where we are covering your claim for repossession, the insurer will pay:
Unpaid rent due to you, up to a maximum amount of £3,000 per calendar month, until vacant possession is gained.
50% of the monthly rent that would have been payable for a maximum of 3 months until your property is ready to be re-let, if your property cannot be immediately re-let due to neglect or damage caused by your tenant.
Rent Recovery
Pursuing the tenant to recover rent owed to you under a tenancy agreement.
Alternative Accommodation and Storage Costs
Where the tenancy agreement has ended and you are seeking possession of your property for you to live in it, the insurer will contribute towards the cost of alternative accommodation for you and the storage of your personal possessions for a maximum of 30 days.
Damage to Your Property
Pursuing your legal rights against the tenant or another party who has directly caused damage to your property and its contents.
Nuisance and Trespass
in a dispute relating to a legal nuisance or trespass which interferes with the use, enjoyment or right over your property.
to evict anyone who is not your current or former tenant from your property.
Defence of Criminal Prosecutions Defending your legal rights if an event arising from your letting of your property leads to:
pre-charge – interview by the Police or other prosecuting authorities where suspected of committing a criminal offence.
prosecution in a criminal court.
Contract Disputes
Pursuing or defending disputes arising from a breach or alleged breach of a contract for the buying or hiring in of goods relating to your property or the buying or hiring in of services relating to the repair, maintenance or renovation of your property.
Tax Enquiries
Representing you in an HMRC investigation into your personal tax affairs.
Witness Expenses
Lost salary or wages for the time you are off work to attend court for a claim under this insurance.
Personal Legal and Tax Advice Helpline
Confidential telephone advice on personal legal or tax matters under UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands law.
Counselling Helpline
Confidential telephone counselling service on matters causing distress.
We think you’ll agree that’s comprehensive cover, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how little it costs to protect your income stream.
Terms to suit all tenancies
Providing the tenants have passed one of our Complete or Fast Track References, you are able to take advantage of a rent protection policy for either 6 months or 12 months to match the length of the assured shorthold tenancy being offered.


Tenants Fee Act 2019 - Guidance for Landlords & Agents
The Property Ombudsman - Code of Practice

In-House Complaints Proceedure
Nuby Services Ltd - Scheme Certificate